2016 King Ray Autrey

Mr. Ray Autrey and his wife, Pat, are the parents of four children, Brennan Autrey, Samuel Autrey, Alanna Sloane and Grant Autrey. They have eight grandchildren.

He is vice president of Major Equipment and Remediation where he has been employed since 1996. He has 55 years of oil industry experience starting with United Geophysical in college and also working for Brown and Root, Texaco and Leevac. The Patterson High School graduate earned a bachelor’s degree from Nicholls State University in Thibodaux and served for six years with the Louisiana National Guard.

The king has been active in the community at different levels of various organizations. He is currently Atchafalaya American Petroleum Institute’s program chairman, St. Mary Industrial Group chaplain and is a Boy Scout Troop 41 scouting committee member.

He has worked with Little League, Pop Warner and Junior Achievement. Besides community service, he also on the Holy Cross Catholic Church financial committee and is active with Central Catholic High School’s annual fund drive.

2016 Queen Jeanne Marie Hidalgo

Miss Jeanne Marie Hidalgo is the daughter of Judith and William Hidalgo Jr. of Berwick and a graduate of Berwick High.

She attends LSU studying digital advertising. At LSU, she is a member of Delta Zeta where she serves as Panhellenic Council chair, Turtle Captain and Empower attendee. She has served as a counselor for Louisiana Girls’ State for two years. Her interests are photography, art, dance and pursuing leadership opportunities.

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